DIBA Apps Contest 2015 winner

Bicimaps is an application designed to squeeze your bike bonus to the fullest. Through the use of Open Data, it improves the experience using shared bicycles.


DIBA Apps Contest 2016 winner

Untrail is an AR application designed to play sports. After choosing a team users will paint a map of the color of their team as they move.


Smart Cat Challenge 2017 winner

Bisafe is an application to prevent theft of your bike. Using wireless technology, it is able to detect the thefts of your bicycle and alert the police. Protect your bike anywhere with Bisafe and do not worry more during your travels.

Meet & Eat

Hack the North 2016 Firebase API winner

Meet new people while competing about who cooks the best food!

Tanks GO

Tanks GO is a real-time multiplayer videogame where tanks fight to be the vehicle with the most points at the end of the game.

FIB Dragon Tower Defense

We love our university and we wanted to develop some game located in there. As catalans, we also love dragons so we mixed this two awesome components to build the ultimate videogame for FIB students